Fortune And Fate In New Orleans

We dodged a bullet, Or at least a hurricane. There would be no Fresh Summit in New Orleans, If it weren’t for luck.

October, 2017

Our Hurricane Matthew

The question was asked: Do you fear Hurricane Matthew? A wry sigh. A quiet laugh. Don’t you know I’ve lived with my own private Hurricane Matthew for 13 years?

October, 2016

Beginning at 30

“Never trust anyone over 30.” Jack Weinberg coined the phrase. At Berkeley. The Free Speech Movement back in ‘64. But Jack Weinberg is 75 now. Wonder if, now, he thinks differently?

November, 2015

He Has Grown, He Is Ready, We Rejoice In Pride.

Celebration! Odd, though, for it is about taking on a burden.

October, 2014

Building Bridges

JUST 28. It means you can still trust. Trust what? The dream.

October, 2013

Unity Salad

E Pluribus Unum is the motto. From Many, One It did not describe a melting pot.

November, 2012

My Father's Immunotherapy

I dream of T-cells now.

October, 2011

Something Real

As a child, I didnt know it, but they had silver in the coins.

October, 2010

Green Shoots

Who knew economists could be so poetic?

October, 2009

Passing The Baton

It was my very first convention, And a man with white hair came to visit.

October, 2008

Pundit Prognostications

A Pundit's prognostications...

October, 2007

Green Tears

We have a painting, Of Popeye The Sailor Man...

October, 2006

Poetry In Motion

Like a leaf Floating gently to the ground...

November, 2005

We Are The World

Hannah Arendt watched Eichmann at his trial...

October, 2004

Meditations On A Mouse

Convention Cities: Chicago, New York, San Francisco. Great, glorious, gargantuan, reaching cities...

October, 2003

Water In My Eyes

There is a poem here, In the sweat...

October, 2002


I am accustomed to ghosts presenting themselves in Manhattan...

October, 2001


Is it just me?

October, 2000

Address Unknown

Taken this subway line since I was a boy.

October, 1999

The Big Easy

The very sound lulling, Gently, caressing.

October, 1998

Linear Progression

The long and the short of it is this: Is history linear?

October , 1997


Atlanta was consumed By fire: On a march to the sea.

October, 1996


The subject is ten. Think of a blast off, a glorious rocket counting down 10, 9, 8 . . .

November, 1995

Be Sure You're Right, Then Go Ahead

It is doubtful that Davy Crockett "killed himself a bear when he was only three" as the song goes.

October, 1994

And This Too Shall Pass Away

Abraham Lincoln used to tell a story about an Eastern monarch who charged his wise men to invent a phrase that would always be true and appropriate, at every time, and in every situation.

October, 1993

Escape The Sight

Escape the sight that all can clearly see

October, 1992

Ode To PMA Boston 1991

"Journey to the Future" - That's PMA's line In a city so ancient, by America's time.

October, 1991