From the Editor

Three Cheers For Shrink

This column is my clarion call for a national campaign to increase shrink in mass market floral departments. No, that wasn't a misprint. As much as the mass market floral industry needs anything, it needs to throw out more flowers.

October, 1991

Marketing Partnerships Key To Future Success

Supermarkets and mass market outlets are an enormous resource for the floral, foliage and ancillary supply industries. But they are a resource still in development, and one being tapped by only a small portion of the supplier community. Increasingly, however, it is becoming clear that an opportunity, in the form of increased sales and profits, awaits suppliers and retailers who are able to work together in a comprehensive marketing partnership.

June, 1991

Overcoming The 'Hours' Dilemma

Many floral retailers have made a decision to trumpet the full service capabilities of their departments. The primary dilemma posed is that the operating hours of a supermarket are often longer than can economically justify full staffing of a floral department.

October, 1990

Too Much Service

Many supermarkets have yet to learn the lesson that when it comes to floral merchandising strategy, the neighborhood floral shop is not the suitable role model. Evidence that this lesson has gone unheeded is all around us. Most notable: many mass retailers offer too much service in their floral departments - more services than customers are willing to pay for.

June, 1990