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Brand-Building Basics: Branded U.S. Foods Not Only Help Differentiate The Importer, But They Also Help Build Demand

Importers who only buy commodities without any regard to value-added branding face a dilemma. Their procurement policies limit their sales efforts, as one who only buys commodities can only sell commodities. Inevitably this puts an importer into competition with other importers based on price. The logical alternative is to use branding as a way of continuing to sell high volume products but under conditions where competitors cannot offer the exact same product.

Fall, 2010

Local Versus Global

International traders should stand to gain in a long-term commitment to provide the most delicious and nutritious food from around the world.

Summer, 2010

Feeding The World In 2050

The future of American agriculture does not lie in going back to the way things were grown a hundred years ago. Those artisan products are something special and part of our heritage. The future for America is the use of science to increase yields and enhance the products.

Fall, 2009

The Many Faces Of Green Consumers...And How U.S. Products Suit Them

Beyond green-washing, though, there is an opportunity to reach out to consumers with messages that go beyond price, quality and service, with messages that encourage consumers to judge not just the product sitting before them, but the company and supply chain that produced it.

Summer, 2009


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